Frequently Asked Questions
Q:Where is the boat docked?
A:Our home port is at Island Park in Grand Ledge, Michigan. However, this boat was built to travel and can be found at various locations for festivals and events. Check out our schedule page to see where we are at this season!
Q:Is the boat handicap accessible?
A:Yes! The first deck of the boat is handicap accessible.
Q:Is there a bathroom on the boat?
A:Yes, the Grand Princess has a full bathroom on board.
Q:How long are the cruises?
A:Cruise time range from 60 minutes to 3 hours depending on location food and entertainment. The length of the cruise also varies depending on the type of scheduled event.
Q:Are there seats on the boat?
A:Seating is provided unless otherwise stated at the time of the ticket sale.
Q:What happens in bad weather?
A:Our policy is safety first. We leave this up to the discretion of the captain at the time. Safety of our passengers is always the first consideration. If the Grand Princess is unable to cruise because of inclement weather, any privately scheduled events will still happen on the boat dockside. The final decision to cruise or not to cruise remains with the boat captain and no refunds will be issued.
Q:Are there any refunds, ticket exchanges or cancellations?
A:It is company policy we do not issue refund however we like to see our guest have a good time and we do issue gift certificates if for some reason we do not cruise.


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